• Good Hair

    Danyale Thomas, owner of Good Hair salon in Seattle, talks about creating a natural hair market in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Michelle Obama’s Message

    The U.S. first lady encourages young women in Gaborone, Botswana.

  • Young, Black, Professional

    Why is it that Seattle, with its green beauty, economic opportunity and coolness factor, finds it so difficult to attract and retain young black professionals?

  • Best of the Northwest

    The Seattle Times' 19th annual ranking of the region's top public companies for 2009 and a special analysis of the top companies of the decade, 2000-09.

  • Four Officers Slain

    The Seattle Times staff wins the 2010 Pulitzer Prize in Breaking News Reporting.

  • Botswana Worlds 2011

    Real winner of this year's 'Olympics of Debating'? Host nation, Botswana.

  • Downtown Celebrates a Graduation

    As the graduates of Millennium High School in Lower Manhattan danced through their prom night, they celebrated the school that grew out of the rubble of Sept. 11, 2001.

  • Q&A | Barbara Ehrenreich

    In "Bright-Sided," author and social critic Barbara Ehrenreich takes on the all-American philosophy of positive thinking.

  • Savio Shuts Down

    A neighborhood institution falls after 49 years, leaving frustration, sadness, and memories.

  • Unlearning Preconceptions

    Prisons across Massachusetts lack federal or state funding for college-degree programs, yet professors in the Pioneer Valley are launching courses for inmates and students.

  • Rhyme and Reason for Young Inmates

    The poet laureate of Riker's Island teaches lessons from her past.

  • Unity on MLK Day

    Governor Deval Patrick criticized the US Supreme Court for considering stepping back from its 1954 decision banning segregation in public schools.

  • Talks Honor Boston Role in Black History

    The gathering of prominent black leaders at Faneuil Hall a century ago was a pivotal moment in the African-American civil rights movement, but it has been largely forgotten.

  • Planting Peace in Tender Minds

    "There's no monsters anymore," said Althea Robinson, a preschool teacher at the center. "There's kids killing each other. That's the new monster."

  • Growing up HIV+

    Born in time to benefit from lifesaving drugs, Africa's first generation of kids born with HIV are teens. Their story begins in Botswana.

  • Infinite Mirror

    At University of Miami exhibit, "Infinite Mirror: Images of American Identity," artists of color examine the American dream.

  • Why Developers Need SCA Tools

    A Visual.ly infographic on Static Content Analysis, researched and sourced by me.

  • 48 Hours in Gaborone

    A short feature for Sawubona, South African Airways inflight magazine.

  • Congo’s Virunga Nat’l Park seeks tourists despite conflict, proposed oil drilling

    In resource-rich Eastern Congo, the latest threat to mountain gorillas and their habitats isn't rebel groups, but oil drilling.

  • Anti-Semitic Vandalism Appears in Miami

    Amid persistent tensions in the Middle East, a synagogue and two vehicles were defaced in separate incidents in Miami.

  • A House of Style

    Homeless patients get salon treatment at Jamaica Plain rehab center.

  • The Stats and the Streets

    In Fort Lauderdale and across the country, crime rates have plummeted. So why don’t we feel any safer?

  • Old Town, Young City

    Fort Lauderdale is a place with a future – but also with a past. As the city grows and redevelops, some grapple with how best to preserve its unique history.

  • Not From Around Here, Are Ya?

    From pythons to lionfish to a few kinds of lizard, South Florida is invasive species’ favorite U.S. destination. That’s a problem.