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Arthur Sulzberger touts New York Times digital subscription plan

Sulzberger's hourlong talk focused on the digital "transformation" of the Times, whose metered paywall could mark a transition for newspapers to charge users for their content online. But not all audience members agreed, and there were some uncomfortable moments when Sulzberger addressed questions on the plan's long-term sustainability.

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A serendipitous find

Today my friend and I went to campus security to have our laptops "marked" -- a gel and sticker were applied to the exterior so that if stolen, they can be easily identified as property of the LSE -- when I noticed a book sitting face down on a nearby table. I turned it over, and it was "Blue Shoes and Happiness," part of the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, which follows Botswana's "leading, and only, female private detective."

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Should charities be allowed ‘political’ advertising?

  Is the ban on political broadcast adverts preventing people from doing good? Was Bono’s latest celebrity-filled advertisement, released by his charity, a political act or merely an effort to draw attention to famine in East Africa? The organization that approves British adverts says “The F Word — Famine is the Real Obscenity,” violates rules on political advertising, and has refused to broadcast it in the UK.

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