My first visit to the LSE, and first full day in central London, reminded me of a summer I spent in New York City, when I could easily lose track of time by just wandering about.

That's what I did after finishing LSE registration. I wandered away from campus, and stumbled upon a press pool outside the Royal Courts of Justice, the "highest court in the land," said an Irishman I chatted with nearby. He was a community leader who told me a bit about the "Dale Farm" case and invited me to join him in listening to the proceedings.

The decade-long case involves a large group of Irish Travelers -- a "traditionally nomadic group similar to, but ethnically distinct from, Gypsies or Roma people" -- being forcibly removed from land they own, but lacked permission to move their mobile homes on. Residents were served with eviction notices in July, but the process has been repeatedly delayed by legal proceedings.

A complicated battle pitting farm residents against their neighbors and government could come to an end this week.